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Re: Acmed code

Subject:     Re: Acmed code
Sent:        2/2/96 11:42 AM
To:          telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com

Wikkiam T Abott wrote
>I'm at home so I can go to an Evertz of Aaton for the answer just yet but =
>anyone has the answer quickly I'd appreciate the help.
>When acmed code in incrementing up and when the number gets to
>0000 9999+15 and one more frame is added, does the number end up as
>0001 0000+00?
>___^_These are the digits in question.

Dear William

As far as Keylink is concerned, following the requests of several =
users, we made the Acmade prefix to carry an ID message of four =
alphanumerics ; thus we have no room to increment the MS digit and =
you will find:
xxxx 9999+15 plus one frame -> xxxx 0000+00

But there is no difficulty to "carry" MS digits into the prefix if =
you accept to limit the 
ID  message to three alphanumerics only :
xxx0 9999+15 plus one frame -> xxx1 0000+00

Quite a simple option to add into the KL software.
Just ask=8A but give us a full working day !


Alain Bellet / Aaton