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Before I was cutoff, I was trying to relate a similar problem I 
experienced with two URSA's.  We had a static discharge problem so 
severe, you could both hear and see arcing on the rotating platters.  
We tried typical and not so typical grounding schemes, and even 
invested in the reel motor grounding kits.  We still had a static 
problem that would cause video sparkles, capstan servo bumps, and would 

occasionally even change the input to the Accom noise reducer.  What 
made matters worse is that we were never able to replicate the problem 
while troubleshooting.  We were only experiencing the problem during 
paying sessions.  We finally realized (with some help) that while we 
were troubleshooting, the plexi transport door was open.  During normal 

operation, the door was closed.  Apparently the plexi door was acting 
like a huge capacitor, occasionally discharging through the frame.  
Since we've left the transport door open, we've never again experienced 

the static problem we'd had.  I know this is a little different than 
what you'd described, but I thought you might find it interesting.  

You wrote: 
>Tom, I just got an incomplete message from you concerning the 
>problem.  Not sure what you were writing, but it turns out that Dave 
>and Craig Nichols were correct in that my problem was solved by 
>the burn cell wiring away from the capstan.