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webpage news

Has anyone seen the January issue of Film & Video magazine yet?  It's
supposed to have a small article about this group, and the webpage.

Speaking of the webpage, I've collated and reorganized somewhat a
section on the 'archives and engineering' page that presents our
recent traffic about the current state of film cleaning.  On the same
page, Dave Corbitt has graciously given us an updated version of his
document on alignment for the 'lift after gamma' modification, which
Dave Tosh has edited and formatted for the web.  This and the mod
document itself are really nicely done by DT with illustrations and
'check' boxes.  Sort of reminds me of the (late lamented) Heathkit

There are also new links to collections of traffic on sparkles and D-1

The classified section of the webpage has recently united a couple of
jobs with a couple of qualified people to fill them, so this could be
a valuable resource if you have a position available at your company.
There are still colorists needed in Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, and
Atlanta, and an assistant needed in NYC...the equipment section has
some current announcements, and has a lot of potential.  If anyone has
anything they want to sell, please contact me about placing an ad; the
exposure on the net to a very focused audience can be fruitful.

There is a small charge to place an ad in the classified section,
which just begins to help offset my internet connection cost (which
just jumped up to about the level of the rent on a studio apartment in
Hollywood, or a parking space in Manhattan).


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