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Re: D122 rate converter

I do beg to differ on the DBridge being a industry standard.

I realize advertising is not acceptable in this forum, so I will try to be
unbiased as possible.

There are at least two formidible competitors to the DBridge that give it a
run for its money, and depending on the content DBridge can be 1, 2 or 3 in
line of quality.

The two competitors are Sony DFX-1200 and Tekniche DX-120 (Yes, this is who
gives me a check every month).  The Sony and Accom have been very good
competitors, and different "eyes" see the value and down falls in the
different algorthms.  We do have over a 1000 out there, as I am sure Sony and
Accom do as well.

The best advice I could give anyone looking into this type of product is to
do side by side demo's, and be your own judge.

Rich Zabel
Tekniche, Inc.
201-784-3860 fax
rezabel at aol.com