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Re: URSA A to D boards

In reply to:
>>>>TKFreek at eworld.com
>>>>I have heard, and am wondering if anyone has personal experience
>>>> with, a newtype A to D for the URSA.  I would be interested in any
> >>>impressions from actual users.

We are currently evaluating a new A to D on our machines which consists of
a piggy back card that fits into the original socket base and can be made, by
dip switch selection, to optimize the 14bit front end for negative, positive or
I/P transfer, or indeed can be switched back to the original settings.
The switch selection allows you to "re range" the front end to maximize the
performance of the PEC's and head amp output and the results so far are
very encouraging, especially for negative transfer. The PEC's can be pushed
across their full range and consequently there is a huge difference in the
signal to noise, detail extraction at black level and overall gamma ratio. 

These new negative settings have solved an ongoing problem of  the A to D's
producing a PEC level dependent "fizziness" within a picture which can be very
noticeable on backgrounds and skys. This "fizziness" contour may still be found
but now it is softer, ie is described by more bits, and due to the better range
the PEC's can be nearly invisible.  As these are piggy back cards installation
painless and at any time we can set them back to Rank standard or indeed
replace the originals. Production versions of these cards should have all
switches etc on the front edge but for now it is a power down job to change the

We originally intended to put these test cards on only one of the Golds but
were so pleased with the results that we did the same to the other one as well.

Seamus O'Kane. 
VTR Ltd London.