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state of the group message

As of today our telecine mailinglist comprises 405 subscribers in 23
countries.  That's a doubling of size since September.  The current
mailinglist topology should work fine for the immediate future, but
eventually there may have to be a shift toward a more efficient
distribution scheme or group subdivision.  A little history: this
group started in June, 1994, with 4 or 5 colorists, writing quite
freely about the products we used... until the manufacturers of those
products subscribed ;-).  The evolution of the group has been toward a
fairly civilized collection of lurking listeners (look at the
directory, see how many never post!) and active (get a life?)

I've not had the chance to promote very well the classified section of
the webpage, which is a great tool for companies to market their used
equipment and individuals their talent.  I still hope this can take
off a bit, so if any of you know anyone who would like to sell some
equipment, or a job opening somewhere that needs to be publicized, let
me know.  There is a (very) small fee for an ad, which goes to help
defray the monthly net connection costs at alegria.com, which are not
insubstantial.  There has been some success for those who have
advertised in the recent past.

There is no charge for participating in this group, and I want to keep
it that way.  However, I will say that if anyone feels that they would
like to make a donation to support this effort, they are welcome to do


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