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New York SMPTE Section Meeting
Date:          Feb. 21, 1996
Location:      The Tape House Editorial
               216 East 45th St
               (Lobby entrance - look for sign)
Time:          6:00p Refreshments
               6:30p Program Starts
Topic:         TELECINE
       A great opportunity to get up to speed from an engineering point of
view. We will have manufacturers talk about where we are today and where they
see the technology going. A user will discuss considerations in setting up a
room, also a blue ribbon engineering panel from transfer houses... and a
facility tour... and demo.
       The success of any meeting is partially in the hands of the audience...
So let's see a great turn out for the meeting you all asked for... and
participate with your comments and questions.
Speakers:      John Dowdell - The Tape House
               Sam Alexander - Rank Cintel
               Charles Morganti - BTS
Moderator:     Warren Singer - Video Technology Resources
       All are welcome - you do not need to be a member to attend