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Long For(u)m

Lou Levinson wrote;

>about those interested in a dialog about long form/theatrical
>telecine stuff has been almost completely flaccid.

>    As one who believes that cooperation stimulates the most learning,
>I guess I'm in the minority of those following Telecine at xyzoom, and
>most of you subscribe to a competition uber alles outlook and
>possibly think that there are secrets to be closely held.

The commercial colorist will never simply reveal secret telecine "stuff". 

All commercial secrets are kept in a vault.

The location of which is under six layers of wallcovering in the lobby of
Editel L.A.  To gain access to the trade secrets requires a working
knowledge of pepperoni pizza ingredients. Access is only granted under the
appropriate moon/tide condition, and only those who can use a rubber band
and paper clip to pin register film of questionable lineage are allowed
during this naked sacred telecine ritual. Chief pooh bah Rob Lingelbach
currently holds the Tiarra of Telecine. He has a half hour minimum, but if
there is a possibility of collecting meal penalty, he may keep it until the
next meal break.

Lou, if you choose to undergo the Golden initiation ritual, the knowledge of
our elders can be passed on to you.
I hope you have shaved your legs recently.

So, you see, commercial colorists do share.