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Hello and help

Hello everybody

I'm Dick Hobbs, and I am a freelance writer based in England. My stuff crops up
in several magazines, and particularly (but not exclusively) Broadcast Hardware
International. I write about all matters post production and broadcast, but I
guess I have developed something of a reputation for film and telecine.

Of more interest to this forum, though, is one of the other jobs which I
undertake to keep from starving: I write the Rank Cintel magazine Images. If, at
any time, you do an interesting job on an URSA, a Turbo 2 or (at some
unspecified time in the future) a Klone, I would be really pleased to hear about
it, particularly if it can be turned into a story for Images and published
around the world.

You can reach me through the magic of e-mail on 100331.3540 at compuserve.com, or
on old-fashioned phone or fax to +44 1435 830988.