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Re: Long For(u)m

>Lou Levinson wrote;
>>about those interested in a dialog about long form/theatrical
>>telecine stuff has been almost completely flaccid.

     I am interested in a discussion but am unclear as to what you want to 
discss. Could you make some sugestions?  

 .1   I have had some questions on dirt removal on shows.  How much do you   
    do, what is the criteria?  Are they cleaned in tape to tape or at the    
   conform stage.
 .2   Are people using super 16mm to future proof their programs?  
 .3   Does anyone have a problem with 16mm film the weave on the last 50 ft  
     of a roll? 
 .4   Is distorted perforations on 16mm common problem on16mm film and where 
      does it come from? 
 .5   Do people Keylog episodics or just use Flex files? 

Let me know

Lorne Miess
Studio Post & Transfer, Edmonton