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rituals, golden and otherwise


        Bob has shamed me into admitting an ulterior motive. I am 
really trying to to divine the secrets of a ritual that, after long 
research, the Telecine Industrial Complex is rumored to have finally 
        This is the secret of sub-critical mass(157lbs) implosion
of agency reps without damaging anyone else in the session. 
        For this and only for this will I shave my legs, and as a
former Track and Field star, I've got great ones.
        I will also divulge that the long sought after Telecine
Grail resides under the birdbath in John Millward's (sp?) garden.
Clues to this effect were discovered by myself years ago, when I 
decoded the secret scrawl on J.Arthur Rank's codpiece, found in the 
tailwheel of Neil Kempt's Cessna 140.
        I admit to having selfishly hoarded this info, and I abase
myself before all.