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help wanted

The following employment ads are appearing in the telecine webpage
classified section as of today.

---Telecine assistant, Englewood, CO---

We are accepting resumes for an assistant telecine operator
(nights). Must have at least three years experience and have worked
daVinci, TLC, digital Betacams, D-2, and 1". We have been doing
Rank-Cintel transfers since 1980, and have a very good client
list. Salary negotiable with a good fringe benefit package. Please -
no phone calls.

WickerWorks Video Post and Transfer
6020 Greenwood Plaza Blvd.
Englewood, CO 80111

Att: Myron Kiotake, Production Manager

---Senior Colorist, Dallas, TX---

Blue Cactus Post, the southwest's largest post-production facility,
seeks a Senior Colorist.  Great opportunity for someone with
experience with Rank Cintel MKIIIC Turbo Flying Spot Scanner and
daVinci Renaissance. Compensation is negotiable - BCP is an advocate
of performance bonuses and a client quantity-based compensation
structure - along with quality health benefits and a 401(K). Located
in the Studios of Las Colinas in Dallas, we enjoy mild winters,
affordable and available real estate, and a relaxed lifestyle, topped
with southern hospitality. Blue Cactus Post Chief Financial Officer,
at +1 214 869 2039, or call +1 214 869 3330.

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