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Re: Long For(u)m

>I.must.say.I'm.a.bit.suprised at ix.netcom.com,
>but.the.response.to.my.query at ix.netcom.com
>about those interested in a dialog about long form/theatrical
>telecine stuff has been almost completely flaccid.


I would be happy to participate in a "dialog" about long form, however I do
admit to being a tiny bit suspicious about your first posting, in which you
expressed interest in "gathering some data".  However, since you have
knowledge of the Grail, and having once glimpsed the greatness of your legs,
I am duly shamed and humbled, and I am prepared to share  my secret knowledge
of Theatrical Telecine Stuff.  What answers do you seek, O Holy One?

David B.
Colorist of the Order of the Longform
The Post Group