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Keylink manual

To KL colorists and video engineers,

Aaton is about to put out (in a few days, more like two weeks) the 
version 6.0 of the Keylink software.

We know there has been difficulties with the "charmingly quirky" KL user 
manual in the past, so we want to try to get some feedback from the end 
users on this version which is supposed to be more descriptive and more 

It will give you an insight on the new color screens of V6.0 as well.

If you are interested in receiving this beta manual, please send a mail 
to  julienb at alpes-net.fr  with "Keylink manual" in the subject line.  You 
will receive a confirmation message and we will send the manual (1 Mb 
PDF* format).

*Don't forget to download a free copy of the latest Acrobat Reader from 
Adobe. (that's http://www.adobe.com/Acrobat/readstep.html)


JP Beauviala, Aaton.