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Job Down Under

SENIOR COLORIST required for a major independent production/post-production
house in Sydney, Australia.

The contract is for two years, with a salary to be negotiated.  The company
will provide Business Class Travel, four weeks' annual paid vacation time, and
Superannuation [pension].  

Applicants must be highly experienced with all the latest systems, including
Quantel HAL Express, Avid MC-8000, URSA Gold Telecine, and the DaVinci
Renaissance 8:8:8 Aritsan color-correction system.

For further information and to apply, contact:

Chard Hayward
(818) 848-5702 - voice
(818) 845-5668 - Fax


Note:  I'm passing this along for a friend, so don't respond to me; contact
Chard Hayward at the phone numbers above.  

--Marc Wielage
  Complete Post / Hollywood