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archive help

Date	2/22/96
Subject	archive help
From	David Henegar
To	Telecine group

archive help
They say that there is no such thing as a dumb question, I'm going to test that
statement with this message! Before I ask, I wanted to say that this web page is
not only good for colorist, but for those of us who need to learn more about
what you do and ways in which we can prepare ourselves as editors for a smooth
telecine session. I have been working on the Avid for 2 years now but I have a
couple of dumb questions that I hope you could help me with.  And I figured, who
better to ask.  If anyone could e-mail me back with an answer I
 would greatly appreciate it.  My question is:  When editing a commercial
 where two scenes are superimposed over each other, what is the best way
 to telecine both shots to the final color corrected master reel, seeing
 as how both shots will have the same record timecode numbers?  What is the
typical way of transferring in this situation that would work best for the
on-liner who will be reconforming?  My second question is:  When you telecine a
 sync sound scene to a final D2 master, for instance, for reconforming, is it
 to go back to the DAT or 1/4" Nagra in the sound mixing stage for the
 final conforming of sync audio?  Or is it more than adequate to use the sync
 from the D2 on the final on-line.  Thanks in advanced for your response.  If
you have any other tips to share that would make your life as a colorist easier