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daVinci DUI Macro Festival


In the newfound spirit of sharing, I'd like to find out what some of you
clever knob-twiddlers are doing with macro routines on the daVinci DUI.
Initially I'd created a few macros for recalling only color or pan elements
from the active timeline. However, my latest adventures have taken me to
create macros for:

Horizon power window, copy in/out

Oval power window, copy in/out

Delete all windows, window assign to default

Has anyone come up with any other interesting ways to shave keystrokes off
of a session. I'm always excited about finding new ways to take a longer lunch.

Bob Festa                                   Festa at earthlink.net
Director of Telecine                        Festa at holydig.com
Hollywood Digital                           213 465 0101
6690 Sunset Blvd  Hollywood, Ca 90028