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Re: Ursa 2106 Green Flashes

 Reply to:     RE>Ursa 2106 Green Flashes
We had a similar but different problem here which I will describe 
just in case it triggers something for you... 

Our URSA was plagued with intermittent hits as you described them, 
(duration and position), but only WHITE or GRAY (luma) flashes. 
Problem turned out to be a flaky 601 output (we switched from the 
AUX to the MAIN to get around the problem).

This of course has nothing to do with the 2106, but I mention 
it in case there's a possibility that something has misled you 
suspect the 2106.


Date: 02-21-96 18:35
To: Topazio, Bill
From: Jim James

The 2106 (micro proc board) in one of the URSA machines at Sunset Post 
Inc. has a long term problem with intermittant green flashes typically 
in the upper third of the digital output. The flashes are aprox one line 
vertically and half to a whole screen in  width.  The duration is only 
one video frame long and occur from 2 through 10 times daily. The 
flashes are difficult to see but when recorded are very evident.  
Battling with Rank Cintel for over 6 months with various recomendations 
to no avail. 

1) Has anyone else experienced this problem.

2) If this problem has been seen before, what was the resolution, if 

Thanks for any coments or suggestions,

Jim James