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Re: indy cam

On Wed, 28 Feb 1996 12:56:33 -0800, you wrote:
>Anyone have any experience running the indycam simultaneously with a DUI
>daVinci session. I really love having the indycam trained on my clients in a
>live window to see their expressions. However, the indy cam is taking up a
>large percentage of process time. How can I run this application and still
>run a dui session at light speed?
>Bob Festa                                     festa at earthlink.net
>Director of Telecine
>Hollywood Digital
>6690 Sunset Blvd
>Hollywood, Ca 90028
>213 465 0101 

Why not just get that remarkably fashionable bullet-proof vest all the
*hot* colorists are starting to wear?

Not only would you not have to keep a constant eye on the room, but you
would also have the added advantage of being able to take that healthy
stroll down Sunset Boulevard during lunch without having to worry about,
well, you know...

I understand you can get it color co-ordinated with the room's decor as
well.  They're doing just wonderful things with Kevlar these days, and
those muted tones tend to keep agency people sedate (well, as sedate as
they ever get). 

And the vest doesn't steal any CPU cycles at all, which will keep the
daVinci people happy and your sessions zooming.  The only slight slowdown
you might experience would result from the armpit chaffing, but a little
baby powder and that should go away after the first few days.

Always happy to suggest alternatives to the lads and lassies on the front

Respectfully, as always,