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Re: RE>Re: NAB

At 7:04 PM 2/19/96, OPTIONSPJ at aol.com wrote:
>Pursuant to the Peter Stanfield and Paul Grace suggestions on a "drinkathon"
>during NAB... if someone else gets this organized (time & place), Options
>would be happy to announce this in our next OPTIONal Newsletter, which is
>scheduled to be mailed in time to arrive just prior to NAB.  FYI... our
>newsletter is provided to all telecine users worldwide (including the Chief
>Engineers and Telecine Engineers).  There is no charge for this inclusion.
> However, if this drinkathon is organized and if The Group wants to accept
>our offer... Options needs to know the details by March 8.
>All the best,
>Donna Reid/Options Int'l
At 3:54 AM 2/15/96, Paul Grace wrote:
>>I presume you will be at jolly old NAB? If so, let's meet up & have a
>>Peter Stansfield
>Perhaps someone wants to organise a evening drinkathon somewhere at NAB
>like the Sprocket leap year one in London at the end of this month?
>Rather than a manufacturer party, maybe a mailing list get together.
>Mine's a Guiness.

neat-o idea, guys. Rob and I will confer. Perhaps there are other
manufacturers out there who want to co-sponsor a soiree at NAB, say Tuesday
evening perhaps to replace the sure-to-be-defunct Alpha piss-up? Tommy
Rocker's seems to be an obvious place,  I will call and see about that
date's availability.
It's about time Sprocket-West got off the ground!
Thanks to Paul for the impetus.

Mike (mine's a Sam Smith's) Orton