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Re: T.A.F.s

On Feb 29, 11:56,  DAVID V KELESHIAN wrote:
} Subject: T.A.F.s

>  Last S.M.P.T.E. meeting in Hollywood, Eastman announced a new type of
> TAF for setting up a telecine prior to a dallies job in order to give
> the Cinematographer a "light". If it works it will be a great asset to

I worked a little with Kodak here in L.A. looking at the new 'TTAF'
(Telecine Transfer Analysis Film) and I was impressed.  Indeed, as you
suggest it is a way to translate printing lights to telecine.  The way
in which I worked with it was to determine, based on a gray scale
reference, how far under or over the DP had exposed the film.
Impressive was how the numbers applied to any of the film stocks we
tested, within a few percentage points, using the same reference piece
of TTAF.  I can see it being a valuable session tool, if DP's will
shoot the requisite gray scale under the right conditions.

I'd like to hear from colorists who are finding Gamma & Density's
'TCS' color charts on their film and using them as reference.


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