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what to see at NAB?

Last year at this time we had a discussion and summary of the
important gear for perusal at NAB.  Part of the original impetus for
this mailinglist was the desire to propagate information to colorists
and engineers who were going to miss the trade shows.  

We have many more manufacturers listening in and participating in this
group than we had last year or the year before, so I would like to
reiterate that announcements of new products on this list are welcome,
but advertising is not.  Sometimes there's a fine line; if you're in
doubt as to the propriety of your post, please send it to me for

So I hereby throw out to the group the question: what should I look at
this year at NAB?  (though this should be primarily telecine gear to
which I refer, earth-shattering new edit gear or graphics boxes can be


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