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Spooling amp mods

Can't help on the spooling amp mods, but give me a chance and I will let you
know about the A-D mods in the field as a user.....  I have managed to grab
three boards for my new job in Buenos Aires, but I won't be there for another
week and a half.  Seamus is on holiday.  I understand that there are men from
Rank running around Soho with Jiffy bags with new op amps in them.  I also
understand that they are meant to do the same as the new piggy back mods.  Now I
haven't done the side by side comparison myself yet, but have talked to a couple
of people who have put the op amps on and they say that they saw no difference!

I did spend about an hour with them at on facility in London, and saw a
significant difference in the signal to noise ratio, definitely worth checking
out.  Looks like you can use the contours properly and cut down on the NR
settings.  I suspect, but haven't tried yet, that the NR might actually get at
the grain and reduce that instead of noise.

(going Vegetarian)