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Re: T.A.F.s

> The way in which I worked with it was to determine, based on a gray scale
>reference, how far under or over the DP had exposed the film.
>Impressive was how the numbers applied to any of the film stocks we
>tested, within a few percentage points, using the same reference piece
>of TTAF.  I can see it being a valuable session tool, if DP's will
>shoot the requisite gray scale under the right conditions

Further to my conversation with Mr Peter Swinson (Rank Cintel) there is a
remarkable new device to be presented from Rank for Ursa Golds, that takes Film
analysis to its logical conclusion.

It is called TKG, and is a 1 U box.
It analaises a grey card on the film and displays an RGB read out of the actual
film densities(ie before grading), and then interprets them to display hoow
many points, or stops under or over the film is too. It requires a Kodak 80%
greycard that fills a minimum quarter of 1 frame. 
I have not seen it, but it seems to me this is truly a lab densitometer for the
telecine, and really allows accurate analysis of exposure. Also answers those
"well it was grey when I shot it" arguments.

The development has been presented to daVinci Aaton and Pandora, so I would
like to see it on my desktop as a tool. It would also be useful to burn in this
info on dailies, to know how the original really is. Rank have stressed these
developments are for others to apply to the product by integration.

One to look at at NAB