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TTAF really is TTEF

Kevin Shaw wrote :
>The development has been presented to daVinci Aaton and Pandora, so I would
>like to see it on my desktop as a tool. It would also be useful to burn in 
>info on dailies, to know how the original really is. Rank have stressed these
>developments are for others to apply to the product by integration.

The news we just got from Rank is this one : every 4 frames their TKG box 
is feeding the external world a stream of RGB digital numbers 
representing the film densities measured in the center of the screen.  It 
works provided the DP photographed an 18% grey card in that region.

Even if the end result is the same - RGB PrinterPoints burned in the 
dailies -, the Rank "upstream" method is quite different from the Aaton 
"downstream" one (see note 1). 
The Rank TKG has the merits:
- to offer an absolute measurement (before any color grading), 
- to work on every Rank machine with no need for a sophisticated telecine 
controller nor an Aaton 601 keyer board,  
- to allow the colorist to grab the grey card without stopping the 
Its only drawback is to depend upon a centered greycard (not a big deal 
or is it ?).

So, to let colorists select one or the other method, we will ingest the 
Rank TKG numbers through the Keylink serial port and will integrate the 
results in the Aaton PP (printer point) handler.  I hope we will be 
in-time for the NAB to let you play with both ideas on the same machine.


Note 1 : described on alegria under > Kodak TTAF/Aaton Keylink <)
Note 2 : From the Kodak man in charge, the TTEF acronym is for <Telecine 
Transfer Evaluation Film> so TTAF should be eraticated from now on.