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Re: Wet Gates

I have heard others in this forum claim a "richer look," or "smoother grain,"
when using a wet gate.  I use a wet gate every day, and have not noticed such
qualities--and I have done a lot of A/B comparisons.   One virtue I have
noticed and demonstrated, however, has been a very great depth of focus when
using the wet gate---it's a very odd thing to see when an A/B comparison is
done----an "in focus" shot will look equally sharp on both a dry gate and the
wet gate, while a slightly "off focus" shot will often look far more
presentable on the wet gate than a dry gate. 

I agree that the hassle associated with the wet gate is truly immense.  Our
engineer has re-designed large portions of the system in order to get it to
operate reliably, and it still is a constant effort.