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Re: FLH's in NYC?

>I have confidently written in the press - Broadcast Hardware and other places -
>that BTS only ever made four FLH 1000s, currently at Channel Four in London,
>Betatechnic in Germany, Producers' Color in Detroit and Kodak in Rochester NY
>(used for evaluation of new film stocks). Are there more machines than I knew
>Incidentally, anyone care to confirm or deny the ever-strengthening rumour that
>there will be a new machine from BTS at NAB?
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It is our understanding that Betatechnic in Germany once had an FLH-1000,
but may no longer have it.  That leaves Producers Color, Channel 4 and
Kodak with the remaining machines.

We hear that the new BTS telecine machine will be called the "Spirit".  The
next incarnation if you will, of the FLH. It should be exciting to see.
The FLH has been an incredible machine to operate, the pictures are
beautiful!  We hear that the scanner technology of the Spirit is similar to
the FLH, but signal path and processing, as well as film thread path are
different.  Should be well worth the visit to the BTS booth at NAB.

Lynette Duensing
Producers Color Service