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New TAF & Telecine Tools

Re: Recent TAF inquiries

New EASTMAN Telecine Alignment Film (TAF) is currently being evaluated by
colorists and engineers at several transfer facilities.  The new films are
designed to provide a more accurate setup reference for transfers.  

If you don't already have a sample of the new Eastman TAF, and wish to valuate 
it, please let me know.  I'll send you a sample along with a two-page 
questionnaire.  Your input will help Kodak make further refinements, if

The Telecine Transfer Evaluation Film (TTEF, not TTAF as some are referring to 
it) is another telecine tool Kodak is developing for the colorist.  Now in
initial testing throughout the world, TTEF will provide a means for the
colorist to give the DP objective feedback (transfer points) on his or her
film exposures - much like the printer-light report from the film timer.  

Some colorists are finding that TTEF can also be used as a good starting point 
for one-light transfers.  However, it is NOT intended to replace TAF as the 
more comprehensive setup film.

As Rob said after a first look at TTEF, "I can see it being a valuable session 
tool, if DP's will shoot the requisite gray scale under the right conditions." 
 Very true.  And in that regard, we're developing a third telecine tool.  The 
Kodak Exposure Reference Card (KERC).  I call it "gray card plus."

With detailed instructions for the DP on how it should be shot in a variety of 
lighting conditions, the card will be the exposure reference for TTEF and the 
guide for the colorist to use during unassisted transfers in order to preserve 
the "look" the DP has set out to achieve on film.

More later on these new telecine tools.  Meanwhile, we're anxious to hear what 
you think about the new Eastman TAF.  Let me know.

Don Ver Ploeg
Film and Video Consultant for Kodak