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Re: FDL-60's & S16

     At NASA here in Huntsville, AL, we have a S16 head purchased from BTS 
     for the FDL-60.  Only problem is, the FDL-60 has to have something 
     downstream telling it what the xyz axes (whatever the plural of axis 
     is) are.  We bought a Pinnacle Prism to accomplish that task, as well 
     as other goodies that box does.  I'm not technically inclined to give 
     more detail than that.  The S16 head doesn't have the optics and 
     electronics in it that the Regular 16 does, so it looks to me that all 
     it does is allow more film image to hit the CCD's.  I believe the only 
     other S16 head around the U.S. is at the University of South Carolina, 
     at least that's what a search several years ago showed.  
     Don't know if this is any help....
     Rodney Grubbs

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Subject: FDL-60's & S16
Author:  telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com at SMTP
Date:    3/4/96 11:07 AM

Just had a call from Steve Wiedeman, GM of Henninger in Arlington.  Question 
to the group is... has anyone ever modified an FDL-60 for S16?  Need to know 
feasibility, etc.  Please call Steve directly at 703-908-4018... or you may 
send replies to us and we'll forward them.
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