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Re: Wet Gates


Thanks for the wet gate info.  In tests we did many years ago at DuArt (in
the optical department, back in David Leitner's and Tim Spitzer's days there)
we found that liquid gate printing made a very big difference in terms of
"lushness" and "creaminess" -- stuff that was hard to quantify, and things
that many lab people thought were too subtle to quantify or really care
about.  But people who shot the film (us) always favored the wet gate, no

Since we also will be adding a liquid gate to our optical printer, we're in
Perc heaven already.  The question is, do we convert our CF2 to Perc?

))You also get to meet interesting people like your area EPA and OSHA reps,((

Sadly, in our state, the director of the EPA has made it clear he's not going
to enforce "any of those regulations from Washington" that he doesn't agree
with.  While this means fisherman aren't told about the dioxin et al being
dumped into the river near their favorite fishing spot, it does make our life
easier.  For now, at least...  business uber alles seems to be the state

Jeff Kreines
DeMott/Kreines Films