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To All,

There's an on-going debate in the office as to what type of light would best
illuminate a telecine suite. Some prefer a yellowish mood lighting to create
a warm feeling( but this would probably foul up the color adjustments made
by the colorist).  I work in a room that's flourescently lit, and it tends
to feel like i'm in lab or hospital. Telecine colorists here would prefer
working with the lights out.However, there have been instances when a client
would like to have the lights on during grading sessions( we had do re-do
the work when they've left).  
What i'd like to know is: what is the best lighting condition for a telecine
suite(or is there any?)?   Should the  room be lit with tungsten,
flourescent, daylight, white light, whatever...??
When looking at a product for color matching to the video image, what
reference light should be used? Are there really standards in use for such ,
or it varies
for each person, or for each post facility?
I hope that you guys(and gals) could light up my day and give me some answers.
Thanks! (-:

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