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Big Screen Monitors

Dave, et al

By what measure do you mean "big screen"?   I know that Sony makes the
BVM-2811 that is a 28" 16:9 and 4:3 aspect reference monitor that we are
considering, but nothing in size beyond that model to my knowledge can
insure reliable color reproduction.  

By the way, with regards to lighting in telecine suites, we have found that
neon tube suppliers can very closely match D65 phoshor color temp and shape
the tubing to any shape, (in this case, it surrounds the monitor and is
masked by a black mask standing off the wall.).  It makes a very nice
surround glow lighting that is approx. 20% of peak white, stable over a long
period, poses no 60Hz interference and is relatively cheap. 
Perhaps if Benjie in Manila is reading this, it could be of help.