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Re: Encoders

>A question for the group...

>What encoders are folks using in their telecine suites these days?  Is the
>venerable D-Bridge still king,

Yes (in my opinion), but sometimes you don't need a King.  In the less than
King (price counts) catagory, I've been moderately pleased with the Abekas
(now Scitex) A-27.  It gets the job done at 1/3 the price, but you give up
some fancy filtering and limiting.

>  I am interested in going from 601 component digital video to NTSC
>and PAL, with both analog and composite digital outputs if possible.
A-27 will do it if you don't need all the extra stuff.  I understand there
are a bunch more digital encoders in that same catagory and price range.

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