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Re: Big Screen Monitors

Craig Nichols wrote:
> At 03:08 PM 3/5/96 -0600, you wrote:
> >Dave, et al
> >
> >I know that Sony makes the BVM-2811 that is a 28" 16:9 and 4:3 aspect
> reference >monitor that we are considering,
> I believe this is the monitor that our Sony rep said was being closed out
> for about $8K or so.  The downside was that she said to buy two, because the
> cost of replacing the tube in one later is around $20K. Ouch!
> Craig Nichols
> Todd-AO

Be Careful.  If you operate the BVM-2811 for an extended period of time at 
4:3 aspect ratio, you'll wind up with a rectangular burn pattern, which will 
of course show up when you switch to 16:9.
	The 2811's have pretty much the same electronics as the 1910/1911 
family of monitors, just a much bigger chunk of glass to go with it.