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Re- Big Screen Monitors

                      Subject:                              Time:  10:00 AM
  OFFICE MEMO         Re: Big Screen Monitors               Date:  3/6/96

I was hoping someone was using REALLY BIG screen monitors.  A 28" 16:9 CRT
when used for 4:3 display isn't really much bigger than what we already all
commonly use.  The height of the 28" 16:9 display is only around 1.5" taller
than a typical 20" CRT so we are not realising any substantially larger
viewing angle for those poor clients sitting behind the client desk.  I sure
wish the monitor manufacturers would come up with an alternate technology 
based display (such as TI's DMM, or Hughes' Light Valve system) so we could
finally have pictures in our suites that are as big as what has become fairly
common at home.  A 45" screen is a minimum requirement as far as I am
concerned.  The alternate technologies promise to be more stable, finer detail
resolution, and wider color gamut than we can now get with CRT's so what's the
problem here?  Why are our clients still looking at itsy bitsy screens from 10
feet away?
Dave Corbitt