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Tri-clor Supply

If anyone is intrested,  there is a rather large supply of Tri-clor 
111 at Pride chemicals in N.J.  The person to speak with is Carmine 
Hannar. His number is 908-499-0125.  He also sells perk as well as 
that very expensive Japanese chemical Ak225 and has a product called 
Borothene that he says can be used for film cleaning.  This stuff 
sells for about $2500 per 55gal.  It's supposed to be a direct 
replacement for Tri-clor and is non-carcinogenic.  The HMIS rating 
is:  Health Hazard       1
      Fire  Hazard          0
      Reactivity Hazard 0
It actually sounds ideal except for maybe the price.  Also, I'm not 
sure that it can be used in the older Lipsner CF 200 machines.  

David Warner     Crawford CommunicationsTelecine