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re:MONITORS (Peter)

>The current model is a BVM-1911 with various options available including a
>setup probe as you described.  Next years model is the BVM 20E series, with
>even more options.  
>My recommendation is to NOT use the Sony probe but instead purchase an
>instrument like the Minolta CA 100 or the Philips equivalent. 
>Dean Humphus
Unfortunately, the BVM-1911 is no longer stocked or in production at Sony.
So, the used market is the only current source.  The BVM20 has been promised
for a while, and is supposed to start shipping at a snail's pace soon.
Company propaganda suggests that it will accept a Phillips, Minolta, or Toma
probe, and is supposed to do auto align with them, though I would tend on
past experience not to trust this. I have only seen 2 Sony probes that
really worked, so (like Dean) I would have to suggest getting either the
Phillips, or Minolta. I have not used the Toma. So far, I prefer the
Phillips.  It is around $6.5K.

Craig Nichols