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Monitor Probes

Craig Nichols wrote:
>I would have to suggest getting either the
>Phillips, or the Minolta.  So far, I prefer the
>Phillips.  It is around $6.5K.

We now have four of the Phillips probes and swear by them, but a word of
we found that the first of them came to us out of calibration by over 1000
degrees K.
Using it to set up a monitor to what was supposed to be 6500K gave a yellowish
cast, so we did the obvious thing...we set it up by eye, (using a freeze of Mike
and that became the de facto house standard.  We discovered the error in the
because Joe Kane gave a seminar and used his Phillips, which gave a much better
result than ours.  But now the precedent has been set, and we're sort of stuck
7200K as our standard.

It also doesn't help that we have ten 19" color monitors per control room,  (and
control rooms); as they age, different parts of the screen reproduce colors
so that even the Phillips probe can only do so much.  Still, it's well worth the
and all of ours are in constant use.

Neal Kassner