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Re: Monitor Probes

 Reply to:     RE>Monitor Probes 
We had a similar situation (20 monitors in telecine, edit, CGI) 
that were all set up to a standard that was OK for years but wasn't 
quite 6500.  We bit the bullet one day (well, a weekend) and 
changed them ALL.  The fallout was mostly internal- getting folks 
used to a new definition of "white" was tough, especially the 
colorists.  However, the house interchange problems went away and 
our product looked more consistent on the air.  It was worth it. 

We also used a Phillips probe, which we found more to our linking 
than the Minolta Color Analyzer (the old one) that we had been using. 

Good point about the cal of the Phillips, though.  It's a shame 
that an instrument of such quality seems to be shipped with less- 
than- guaranteed cal.  You're not the first person I've heard 
this from.


Date: 03-07-96  7:11
To: Topazio, Bill
From: Mary & Neal Kassner

... But now the precedent has been set, and we're sort of stuck 
using 7200K as our standard.