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Re: subscribe

On Mar 7,  9:00, ED wrote:
} Subject: subscribe

>       My name is Ed Walden.I am a video engineer working at Post Perfect in
>      New York. I have previously worked at Manhattan Transfer and Rank
>      Cintel Inc. as a feild service engineer. I would be very pleased to be
>      added to your mailing list.
>                               Looking forward to your first correspondence-

OK Ed, I'll add you to the group, your request should have gone to
'telecine-request at xyzoom.alegria.com'.  Hope there's no trouble with
your address, it is one of the most convoluted I've ever seen in 10
years on the net :-)  


--enclosure follows

This is the file "info.txt" which is sent automatically to new 
subscribers.  If you are receiving this file *not* as a part of 
a subscription request reply, but as a response to a query about the
list, then you may subscribe by sending a message to 
"telecine-request at xyzoom.alegria.com" with the Subject: subscribe.
If you'd prefer to receive a digest of the list every three days,
send a message to "telecine-digest-request at xyzoom.alegria.com" with 
the Subject: subscribe.  This could be a better option if your
internet bill is based on the amount of mail you receive.  (If you're
already subscribed to the immediate list, and want to switch to the 
digest, make sure you unsubscribe to the immediate list by sending a
message to "telecine-request at xyzoom.alegria.com" with the 
Subject: unsubscribe).

If you're receiving this as a result of your subscription request, 
welcome to the group, and if you haven't already, send me your 
job title and location for our who.txt file, if you'd like to be 


As of March, 1996, we have about 430 subscribers to the list, 
up from just a handful in June 1994, when it started.  

The power of this medium is realized in the nearly instantaneous
exchange of internet email.  Feel free to discuss or expound on
anything relating to telecine, but please remember that your words 
will be read by many other people all over the world (caveat: 
read the last section of this document).  With the increasing size 
and traffic of a large mailinglist, it's sometimes better to narrow
your focus, and send a personal email to one or two persons, rather
than the entire list (remember to check your "To:" headerline).

In a network sense, it is gloriously inefficient to have every message 
sent out to umpteen other sites, which single message 
then generates many replies to all sites again, ad infinitum (can 
someone give me the formula for this? ;-), but it's also very convenient.  

The administrative address for the mail server is 
"telecine-request at xyzoom.alegria.com", and the address for the group 
itself is "telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com".


This mailinglist and web effort are free of charge and membership fees.
However, because the network connection cost has recently risen 
substantially, to about the rent of a small apartment in Los Angeles,
donations are gladly accepted, and donors' names will be featured in a 
special section of the webpage.  You can send your donations to:

Rob Lingelbach
Post Office Box 612
Hollywood, CA 90078


See below about restrictions regarding advertising on the mailinglist.
However, if your company would like to advertise on the World Wide Web, 
opportunities are available that help subsidize the cost of maintaining
this group and its connectivity.  Please contact rob at alegria.com or call
+1 213 464 6266.

---Archive Server---

The archive server part of this listserver allows you to pick up recent 
messages from the archive directory.  Send a message with "archive help"
as the Subject to telecine-request at xyzoom.alegria.com (assuming you're
already subscribed).  Recent messages are in the subdirectory "latest".  
Older messages are available as files "year-month", e.g. December, 1994's 
messages are all in the file "94-12" (these files can get rather big, 
and are not compressed).

See below for directions if you'd like to FTP these files.

---WWW Server---

There is a World Wide Web server running on www.alegria.com, and
a homepage for the telecine group.  To access the homepage, use this


...which brings you links to other stuff, including: a directory of
subscribers with their titles and locations, an engineering section
with helpful information distilled from this mailing list, this file,
a classified section with equipment for sale and job opportunities,
"NetForum", an experimental web-based discussion matrix, material 
safety data sheets on film cleaning solvents, masking tips
from Dave Corbitt, SMPTE, Digital Video reference material, and links
to the webpages of post facilities around the world.  You can also do
this from the linemode browsers like lynx or www; if you don't have
them on your system, and you do have internet access, telnet to
www.cern.ch, which will automatically dump you into a browser, and
then use

"go http://www.alegria.com/telecinehome.html".  

One of the most powerful uses of the telecine webpage is as an archive
retrieval engine.  You can search and retrieve any message posted via
this group from the beginning of its history, based on keywords, or 
accessed by thread, subject, date, author, ego, whathaveyou.


Every month, the telecine group's message base is archived into a 
publicly-accessible directory.  URL is 
"ftp://ftp.alegria.com/pub/telecine".  Copies of the subscriber directory
and this info file are also kept here.

---Posting Ethics---

Blatantly commercial postings are not allowed.  For clarity, I 
refer you to the file "rules.txt" available in the archive 
directory, the ftp directory, and as a link from the info webpage.

--- the following is an exchange that took place on our group regarding
the ethics of salesmanship on our mailing list.  ---