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our list, its ethics

On Jul 11, 11:22, Mikael Reichel wrote:

> Dear Rob.

> Where do I draw the line, or we, as we are many manufacturers out
> there?  At someone trying to sell off some used equipment, at hardware
> only? What about services? A job opportunity for a colorist or TK
> engineer?

> Can we have an open discussion about this? Opinions please.

Sure, we can discuss it openly.  Personally, I feel that extended
discussion of this is not important and wasteful, so I'll attempt to
clarify it now.

This is a policy pronouncement that I had hoped I wouldn't have
to make, but suppose is inevitable.  With our mixture of
manufacturers, researchers, students, engineers, colorists, and just
plain interested people, and with what the internet has become, some
rules need to be set regarding the use of our mailing list.  

1) offerings of used equipment and requests for such equipment by
facilities and individuals are allowed.  However, if these postings
start to dominate our traffic-- percentage to be determined-- we'll
consider starting a separate mailing list or World Wide Web effort to
support these.  

2) postings from manufacturers or their representatives regarding
their products are welcomed, provided they be for the purpose of
furthering our knowledge of the product, or in response to specific
questions regarding that product.

3) marketing of products via our mailing list is not allowed.  This
applies specifically to those who would suggest the purchase of their
own particular product, or (blatant) claims from the manufacturer that
their product is superior to another.  Postings of specific equipment
for sale from entities whose primary business is to sell equipment are
not allowed.  
	a) should the above seem restrictive, I remind you that
	I have no control over private email, only over what is
	propagated via this mailing list. 

	b) the World Wide Web is evolving into a commercial
	marketplace, a much more efficient medium for manufacturers,
	dealers, and representatives than a mailing list (graphics
	and forms are part of its topology).  Start a Webpage to
	trumpet your product and its claims to the world.  Then
	announce that Webpage's presence to our group.

4) announcements of new telecine products are allowed.

5) jobs available, and jobs wanted, postings are allowed.

6) anyone who repeatedly breaks the above rules with intent to
disregard them will be excluded from the list.

7) if doubt arises regarding any of the above, rob at xyzoom.alegria.com,
the originator and maintainer of the mailing list, will decide the

...whew, I guess that's it.  A copy of the above will be available in
the archive and ftp directories as "rules.txt".  I'll put it on the
webpage somewhere presently.  

Now let's put that behind us and get back to telecine issues.


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