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DVD Info Available at Sony On Line Web Site

     As many of you may be interested in the new Digital Versatile Disc 
     (DVD), as it proposes to be the next generation of digital playback 
     at home technology for theatrically released films, etc.; information 
     is now available on the World Wide Web at:
     Just thought many of you would me interested in more information on this 
     I am not involved with this product, so I will not be able to respond to 
     any questions or comments, so PLEASE ... DON'T SEND ME ANY!  :-)
     Refer any questions or comments to the Webmaster at Sony On Line.
     This is sent to be informative to the telecine group that DVD reference 
     material now available at this site.  This is sent, not as a promotion of 
     DVD, but simply For Your Information, and as such, no endorsement is given 
     or implied.
     Nathan Simmons