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Re: an exposure question.

)))) The DP says
that underexposed B&W actually has less grain, unlike underexposed color
film.  Any idea what I'm going to end up with if he underexposes by one stop?
Should he shoot a higher ASA color stock and take it to B&W in telecine?(((

B&W stock responds just the opposite of color neg (leaving the weirdness of
'87 out of the equation) -- overexposure brings on grain.  Really, strangely,
the best thing is to expose it correctly.  However, since B&W processes vary
a LOT compared to color, in both gamma and speed, it is worth shooting some
tests to determine optimal EI.  Remember Double X is rated at 160 tungsten.
 And that some labs do really sloppy B&W work.

Some very respected DPs (like Larry Fong) say that all of the B&W stuff they
are known for is usually shot on color stock and de-chromafied (my own
word...) in telecine.  This gives you a different look than B&W neg, in my
opinion, but it can be a nice look.  I prefer the somewhat more aggressive
grain of B&W neg.

Jeff "Back to Monochrome" Kreines
DeMott/Kreines Films