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Re: an exposure question.

I couldn't agree with Ken Robinson more, shoot for normal exposure. Black and
is very delicate and should be processed at a top lab. I have seen many a
negative ruined by a bad bath ( never at Duart of course). The streaking that
Ken was
talking about which appears as lighting streaks in the film is not as bad as
it use
to be. Improvements in the manufacture of the stock have made black and white
wonderful choice. There is no way you can match the texture and grain of a
black and white negative.
Tell your DP that he should discuss pull processing with his lab if he is
really intent on
achieving the effect in the originial. It always depends on the look you are
going for 
but a well exposed negative gives you much more options then starting out a
full stop
under. Maybe he can compromise and only go a half stop under. At the very
least he
should run some tests.

Domenic Rom
Duart Film and Video