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Audio syncing

I was thinking of using the pc in my room to enter audio tc into the ATR (Lynx 
film module) like the Aaton does, to get the 1/4" to chase more effective. A 
small routine that sends the tc value over the RS232 to the ATR would be no 
problem to write. A serial A/B switch to select between Keylog operations and 
"chase audio" to avoid adding an additional com port to the pc.

Now, how could I find out the RS232 input format for the ATR? I didn't dare 
looking into the Lynx manual yet to see if this is documented in there. You 
guys at Aaton know how to do it, right? ;^)

Anyways, this is just an idea that occurred to me after getting several 
commercial dailies with bad audio tc (low recording level, dropouts, short 
preroll..) that made it hard to sync it with the Pogle (I asked for an Aaton 
in my room, but didn't get it :^( 

Is anyone familiar with the RS232 inputs on an ATR?

 - Kay Sievert