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Telecine Fun Night

It appears that many of you want an excuse to get together socially during
NAB.  Thus, Options and a few of our manufacturers have arranged to
co-sponsor a TELECINE FUN NIGHT.  This will take place on Tuesday (April
16th)... beginning at 6:30pm and going until approximately 8:30pm.
 Unfortunately, we cannot select the "perfect" night/time for everyone.  But,
we have tried to accommodate as many as possible:  1) Tuesday night because
some people go home on Wednesday morning and others arrive in Vegas on
Tuesday; 2) The hours of 6:30-8:30pm so there will be an opportunity to
socialize before going to other scheduled business dinners or social
functions later that same night.

We are working on confirming one of two locations (both are very convenient
to the Strip).  Passes for the TELECINE FUN NIGHT can be obtained on Options'
(#4761) or Rank Cintel's NAB Booths on Monday and Tuesday, during the Show

The co-sponsors are:  DGS Ltd, Options, Rank Cintel (USA), Rank Cintel (UK),
Steadi-Film Corp, Tube Enhancement, Video Post & Transfer, and VTK/Willi

On behalf of the co-sponsors... we look forward to spending a bit of social
time with our industry friends at the TELECINE FUN NIGHT.