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What to See at NAB?

As per Rob's invitation on March 1... Options is pleased to offer a listing
of products which we will be debuting on our booth at NAB '96.  All of these
items are telecine-related and we invited you to stop by and see them.

Rank Cintel Turbo 2 Telecine
ASTEC (Advanced System for Telecine Edit Controller)
Digital Shading Eliminator (DSE)
QuattroScan 8:8:8 FrameStore
Clrview (addresses anti-aliasing & flicker)
Accuglow (improves afterglow, burn correction & shading)
Blanking Generator
35mm Slide Adaptor Kit
Vertical Black Generator
PEC Bases/Head Amps Combo
Bi-Phase Capstan Upgrade
Trans/EFX Filter System
Telecine Uniform Grounding Kit
Auto Shot Locator
Hamlet Video Scope 305WV
New Voltage Regulator
XYZoom Upgrade Kit
CRT Faceplate Restoration
Remote Blanking Controller
XYZoom Upgrade Kit
Static Removal Kit
Evertz Model 8950
Evertz Model 8070

Hope you have a great trip... and we'll see you at Options' Booth #4761.

Options Int'l