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Old Rank stuff up for grabs

                      Subject:                              Time:  4:04 PM
  OFFICE MEMO         Old Rank stuff up for grabs           Date:  3/13/96

To all,
We have been given notice that one of our storage rooms has to be cleaned out
ASAP.  Below is a rough list of what is available;
1.   Asaca CMM 20-11 color monitor with spare 20" CRT in a box.
2.   Complete Digiscan 3 rack without Digivac cards.
3.   Various old Rank remote control panels, including Joystick panels.
4.   2 Complete Deflection Racks for MK3Cs including all boards.
5.   Grass Valley Video DA tray without boards.
6.   2 Magna-Tech 9F Time Code generators.
7.   And a whole lot more, details to be posted soon
Everything will be sold as is at best offered price.  
Dave Corbitt---Manhattan Transfer / Edit, Inc.,   545 Fifth Avenue,
New York, NY 10017
voice =   (212) 687-4000
fax =      (212) 687-8023
e-mail =   dc at mte.com