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Re: Color Correct Xfer

The most interesing point of the article "Top of the Charts" in American
Cinematographer was the discussion of the new Gamma=1c Chart developed by
Gamma & Density Co.
I just got my first dailies transfer this morning with that chart.  We
haven't yet been provided with the film to set-up the telecine reference.
 You then correct according to the chart shot in the dailies.  At least
that's the way I understand it from the article.

The client shot both the Gamma=1c and the traditional Macbeth Color Checker
Chart at the head of each roll.  Following the instructions as I understand
them for the Gamma, I found the look to have more "edge" than the Macbeth.
 Also the skin tone strip on the Gamma chart looked beige to me, more muddy
than flesh.  The color hues numbered 1-24 were impossible to see on the
vectorscope, but, again this is from a chart shot in the field and not the
official film equivilent of their TTEF.  
Setting up with the Macbeth greys, I found the image warmer than with the
grey scale provided on the Gamma.  Also, I almost never bring the blacks down
to 10 IRE as required with the Gamma chart.  So, while the overall gamma was
similar with both corrections, the Gamma chart really crushed those blacks.
Anyone else run into these newfangled charts yet?

CB Gaines, Monaco Video, San Francisco