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Re: Colorists & DP's

Yuri Neyman said:  "Since DP's in general are fair and good guys, maybe there
will be a proposal for another Academy Award in this town for best Telecine
colorist (in different categories, naturally)."

Well, for sixty years, there hasn't been an Academy Award for best color
timing, either.  I don't expect that to change, nor do I expect there to be an
Emmy Award for color, either.

On the plus side, keep in mind what POST magazine said a couple of years ago: 
as a job category, Telecine Colorists make more money than any other
post-production employees.  And that includes mixers, editors, and even sales
people.  We may not get the recognition, but the financial rewards are there if
you're willing to work for them.  

Let me know what you think of my comments elsewhere.  I haven't read the entire
AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER article yet, but I will shortly.  (I'll probably have
to take a Valium and lie down afterwards.)  

--Marc Wielage
  Complete Post / Hollywood

P.S.  I'm sure your crack about those of us who work on the night shift will
endear yourself to the hundreds of audio and video technicians who do so by
choice.  Do me a favor and don't lump all of us night people together in one
steaming pot of incompetence.